Genetic Analysis with integrated  Personalized Medicine for Autism, Mitochondrial Disease, Epilepsy, and Intellectual Disability

MEDomics delivers breakthrough personalized treatments – diets, supplements and medications – for a cluster of diseases, initially Mitochondrial disease, Intellectual Deficiency, Epilepsy and Autism (Mi IDEA diseases). 

MEDomics bases its treatment plan on proprietary i) algorithms on mutation data, ii) expert analysis of mutation data and (iii) personalized medicine (pMED).

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Early Morning of the Third Era of Medicine

Utilizing the transforming power of NextGen DNA sequencing MEDomics experts provide sophisticated analysis of genome data provides the foundation for identifying personalized diets and drugs that bypass or minimize the harmful consequence of the newly diagnosed biochemical weaknesses underlying the disease. Improved therapy for other symptoms and prevention of future disease may occur during the analysis.  MEDomics provides genomics solutions for defining the biochemical weaknesses underlying the autism, mitochondrial disease, epilepsy, or intellectual disability.   NextGen Sequencing methodology, custom proprietary bioinformatics pipelines for variant analysis, and critical review of the data by PhD, MD, or MD PhD clinical mutation experts yield in-depth innovative clinical reports.