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The MEDomics MitoDx™ test analyzes the DNA sequence of the entire mitochondrial genome (mtDNA) and is capable of detecting all mutations in any of the 37 mitochondrial DNA genes. Each cell contains hundreds to thousands of mitochondria with a unique circular DNA molecule. Therefore, any particular tissue may contain mitochondrial DNA molecules that are all identical (i.e., "homoplasmic"), or may be contain fractions of normal and mutant mitochondrial DNA. When both normal and mutant mitochondrial DNA molecules exist, the mitochondria are said to be "heteroplasmic". Both homoplasmic and heteroplasmic mutations can cause mitochondrial disease.

Heteroplasmic mtDNA mutations may be present at different levels in different tissues.  Affected organs or tissues (e.g., brain, muscle) may have higher mutant levels than blood. Since blood is readily accessible for minimally invasive testing, it is important to be able to detect low mutant levels in blood that may indicate higher levels in affected organs or issues. The MitoDx test utilizes proprietary Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) methods to accurately measure mtDNA heteroplasmy at frequencies that are below the threshold of detection by other diagnostic methods. Thus, MitoDx testing of a patient's blood sample may reveal disease affecting other organs or tissues. MEDomics' proprietary NGS and bioinformatics methods have set the industry standard for the most sensitive and accurate detection of mitochondrial DNA mutations.

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• Extensive proprietary knowledge base of diseases and associated genome variations
• Leading expertise in bioinformatics and DNA mutations Analysis with unparalleled expert interpretation
• Most comprehensive testing in the industry
• Collaborate on a personalized medical treatment

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